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Article Submission

Instructions to Author

Authors should consult the Publication Style Manual of the Journal of Agriculture and Ecology, the primary guide for authors who prepare manuscripts and articles for a consideration of publication. The instructions to authors presented here are part of the manual and are intended to provide authors with JAE publication policies and general manuscript preparation to submit manuscripts in English.

Manuscript Submission

Society for Agriculture and Arid Ecology Research retains the copyright for all publications of JAE. Permission to reprint, republish, or reproduce individual contributions or parts of contributions must be obtained from the Society.

Review Policy and Procedure

All manuscripts must be submitted in English. Manuscripts submitted for publication may be reviewed by colleagues (internal review process) and revised. Rejection of submitted manuscripts that do not conform to the JAE will be informed to authors for correction. A manuscript number will be assigned to each manuscript, which will be sent to the corresponding author with the acknowledgement and date of receipt. Always refer to the manuscript number in all future correspondence thereafter.
Manuscripts submitted for publication are reviewed by an editor and additional peer reviewers. Reviewed manuscripts are sent back to the corresponding author along with comments from reviewers. Some revision is usually necessary after the reviews, and final acceptance generally depends on extent of revision. In submitting revised manuscripts, authors are requested to submit explanations on how the revisions were made and the reason why they do not agree with the reviewers for those points on which they have no revision.
Manuscripts submitted for publication in the Journal must not have been published previously and submission implies no concurrent submission elsewhere. Online submission of manuscripts should be sent and address to the Editor-in-Chief.
Manuscripts should be double spaced and use single quotes around cultivar names except when they would modify the word cultivar. The number system for references will be used. Tables and graphs should be camera ready with lines and type adequate size to be easily read when reduced for publication. Manuscripts should be organized as follows: Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgement and References.
Submitted manuscripts will be sent to two reviewers familiar with the subject. Acceptance depends on the evaluation by the reviewers and the editor. Reviewed articles will then be returned to the author for further revision and the finished article is to be re-submitted back to the Editor-in-Chief through email.

Online Submission

The size of the attached files should be less than 2 MB. Please submit large files/images on CD. Queries about other acceptable file formats should be directed to the same email address. It is also presumed that the authors have obtained the approval of their department, faculty or institute where such approval is essential. Journal or Editorial Board takes no responsibility for the facts or opinion expressed, which entirely rests with the authors of the paper. Reprints will be supplied to authors only on order.
Text must be typed on one side of white opaque paper, using double spacing throughout, with at least 30 mm of margin on all sides. Elaborately word-processed or typeset layouts should be avoided. On all points of style regarding text and tables follow a current copy of the Journal. Words to be italicized should be underlined or typed in italics.

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