Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on growth and yield of mungbean


  • K Fazil -
  • S H Hayat -
  • H Obaid -
  • A Z Ashna -
  • H Nimgarri -




Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Mungbean, Growth and Yield


Nutrient management and their balance application are crucial for the high productivity of the crops; nitrogen and phosphorus are the essential nutrients, which are often deficient in the soil and must be supplied to the crops through various sources. The excessive application of these nutrients can lead to increased emissions of greenhouse gases and contribute to eutrophication, water pollution, and many other issues. To determine the optimal application rate of these nutrients, a field experiment was conducted in ANASTU research farm, Kandahar, in 2023 to evaluate the effects of different nitrogen and phosphorus levels on the growth and yield of mungbean (Vigna radiata L.). Treatments comprised three levels of nitrogen (0, 20, and 40 kg ha-1) and four levels of phosphorous (0, 40, 60 and 80 kg P2O5 ha-1). The study was carried out using an RCBD design with three replications. The results showed that 20 kg N ha-1 and 40 kg P2O5 ha-1, together and separately, enhanced growth parameters (Plant height, leaf area, dry matter, branches plant-1), yield attributes (Pods plant-1, grains pod-1, 100-grain weight and pod length) and grain, stover and total yield, significantly. Overall, this study indicates that the mungbean should be fertilized with 20 kg N ha–1 and 40 kg P2O5 ha–1 in Dand district of Kandahar province.


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Author Biographies

K Fazil, -

Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Plant Sciences, Afghanistan National Agricultural and Technology University (ANASTU), Kandahar, Afghanistan

S H Hayat, -

Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Logar University, Logar, Afghanistan

H Obaid, -

Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Plant Sciences, Afghanistan National Agricultural and Technology University (ANASTU), Kandahar, Afghanistan

A Z Ashna, -

Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Plant Sciences, Afghanistan National Agricultural and Technology University (ANASTU), Kandahar, Afghanistan

H Nimgarri, -

Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Plant Sciences, ANASTU, Kandahar, Afghanistan


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