Effect of different organic sources and their combination on growth, yield and economics of millet crop- pearl millet


  • T Kumar -
  • S Pandey -
  • D Kumar -
  • B Yadav -
  • S Pathak -
  • V K Sharma -




Pearl millet, Farmyard Manure, Neem cake, Vermicompost


The present investigation was carried out to identify the effects of different combinations of organic nutrition and its role in the growth, yield and economics of the pearl millet variety Shri Ram Pro 90. From the above experimental finding, it may be concluded that the treatment T3 (100% Neem cake) was found to be best in terms of growth parameters like the highest number of effective tillers (6.82 tillers), tallest plant (128.48 cm) at 60 DAS and yield parameters like longest length of ear head (38.23 cm); thickest girth of ear head (15.57 cm); maximum number of grains per ear (2013.00 grains); highest grain yield per hectare (2787.79 kg/ha) of Pearl millet. The highest net return was found in the T2 (100% Vermicompost), followed by T3 (100% Neemcake).


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Author Biographies

T Kumar, -

M. Sc. Research Scholar, Department of Agronomy

S Pandey, -

Assistant professor, Department of Agronomy

D Kumar, -

Assistant Professor, Soil Science, SOAS, K.R. Mangalam University,
Gurugram (HR)

B Yadav, -

M. Sc. Research Scholar, Department of Agronomy

S Pathak, -

M. Sc. Research Scholar, Department of Agronomy

V K Sharma, -

M. Sc. Research Scholar, Department of Horticulture IAS, BU, Jhansi, U.P


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